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Creating long-term health for your patients and your practice.

We believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy, vibrant life. At Bernstein Health Partners, our mission is to support others as they create health in their lives. Join us!

Creating Health Is Within Your Reach


Create Health In
Your Own Life


Help Others Achieve Their Health Goals


Guide Your Patients On Their Journey To Health

"As a board certified cardiologist, I cared for thousands of people with cardiovascular disease, and many more who were at increased risk. Over time, I came to the realization that despite all of my tests and treatments, my patients were not getting healthier, and that the diseases I was treating were not the real problem.


The real problem was the unhealthy lifestyles my patients were living: unhealthy eating habits, sedentary living, restless sleep, and stress.


Through this program, hundreds of my patients were able to lose weight and rid themselves of diseases and medications. Those who have chosen to improve their health are happier, and have more energy, better sleeping habits, a greater desire and ability to be active, and most of all the knowledge and skills to create health in their own lives."

Mark Nelson, MD, FACC, MPH
Certified Health Coach



We believe that everyone has the ability to create optimal health in their own life. Whether you're in the health field and interested in supporting your patients on their health journey, or an individual looking to help others get healthy or ready to make a change in your own life, we can help.


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